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Water wave
Large coral bowl

Large Coral Bowl


Pate de Verre bowls inspired by layers, water and light.

First a plaster cast is made and packed with layers of glass.  Next this is fired in the kiln which takes over 16 hours.

Once it has cooled, the plaster cast is broken away from the glass.  This is when I really hold my breath!

Finally the glass is cleaned, polished and gilding is applied to enhance the design. 

Large Fish Bowl

This 30 cm shallow bowl is inspired by the colours and serenity of fish swimming in a pool.  I have mixed reds, yellows and oranges to create the colours of the fish and included a little gold mica for sparkle.  Each part of the fish was cut from clear glass and individually shaped to create the design.  Powered glass was then sprinkled over the fish to paint in the colors before it was fused twice to fix the pieces and shape the bowl. 

Large fish bowl
Detail of large fish bowl
Flat view of large fish bowl

Medium Water Bowl and Blue Fish Bowl

Butterfly suncatcher
Medium butterfly lantern
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