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A decorative fused glass wave showing white daisies with yellow centres on a green glass background.

Yellow and White Flower Wave

A small,  curved shaped trinket bowl in the shape of a scarlet poppy.

Poppy Trinket Bowl

Medium Flower bowls

These designs are created by cutting the flower shapes from coloured glass and fusing them to a clear glass circle.  Details are added using tiny glass grains called frit. 

The profile view of a medium sized fused glass bowl decorated with yellow roses on a green glass background.

Medium Rose Bowl

This bowl imagines rose flowers surrounded by buds and foliage.   For this bowl every petal of the flowers is cut from clear glass, ground to enhance the shape and then powdered glass is used to colour them. 

A medium sized fused glass bowl decorated with yellow roses on a green glass background.
The side view of the blue flower clock.
A light blue fused glass clock decorated with yellow, white and red flowers in a green foliage setting.  Gold coloured hands.
A white clock black and red hands, decorated with  flowers in shades of pink and red, set in green foliage.

Flower clocks.

First of all I fuse the individual flowers, then the time markers and background are joined together in the kiln.  Next I fuse all the decoration on.  Finally the clock goes into the kiln for one last fuse to shape it. I finish it off by adding the hands and movement.

I also make these clocks for wall mounting. 

Large flower garden bowl

The flower garden bowl is made from a single piece of base glass.  This is then decorated using smaller fragments of glass such as frit, stringers and beads to create the effect of a summer garden. This bowl is fused at a low temperature, so that the decoration keeps its texture and then it is shaped into a deep bowl mould.

A large fused glass bowl depicting a summer garden.  Green grass, colourful flowers and a blue sky.
Side view of large fused glass  flower garden bowl
A large white  lantern with fused glass panels showing a tree with pink spring blossom.
Three medium sized lanterns with decorative fused glass panels.

Medium Lanterns

Large Lantern

Suncatcher with Butterflies and Sunflower.

A fused glass suncatcher showing a red flower on a green background.
A fused glass suncatcher showing a yellow flower with butterflies and a hanging crystal.
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