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Glass? It's all about light. 
Waves are free standing glass forms that look stunning standing on a sunny windowsill.  Catching the sunlight makes them throw beautiful, colourful shadows and really shows the glass off to its best.  They are inspired by the colour combinations that occur in nature.

Landscape and Plein Air

Jephson Gardens Plein Air Event
Artist at Jephson Gardens Plein Air event

En Plein Air

I enjoy taking part in outdoor events where artists respond to their surroundings. 


WOS Leamington Spa.

This tree and garden bowl was made in September 2021 in Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa at the Warwickshire Open Studios Plein Air Event.  It subsequently sold at their exhibition of art from the day.    I also took part in the same event in 2002.  

Broadway Tower Picture

Broadway Arts Festival 

In May 2002 I also took part in the Broadway Arts Festival Plein Air event.   The piece I created was of the Broadway Tower on quite a chilly spring day.  It was a great day with over 70 artist creating their interpretation of the village, but only my glassy friend and I did it in glass. This piece subsequently sold throught the LSA Artroom in Leamington Spa.  I am really becoming addicted to working outside. 

Detail of Broadway Tower picture
Artist at Broadway Arts Festival Plein Air event.
Tree detail of Broadway Tower picture
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