Medium Fused Glass Bowls

These medium sized bowls are made from two layers of glass which have firstly been hand cut, built into the design and then fused at 795 degrees Fahrenheit into a flat sheet of glass.  They then go back into the kiln to be shaped into a bowl or dish on a mould. The round bowls are approximately 20 cm diameter and the square dishes are approximately 20 cm width.  These medium bowls and dishes are £39 each, including postage and packaging in the UK.   


As all my work is hand made to order, it can vary from the image.  The items shown are examples so please contact me if you would like to discuss colour or design.

Square dish blue

Square dish lime green and amber

Forget-me-not bowl

Making a daisy bowl

Daisy Bowl

Poppy bowl


Forget me not bowl

Spiral bowl

Colour flow bowl

Water spiral bowl