Large Bowls

At approximately 30 cm diameter, these bowls are the largest that I make.  They are £75 each including postage and packaging in the UK. 

As all my work is hand made to order, it can vary from the image.  The items shown are examples so please contact me if you would like to discuss colour or design.

Large flower garden bowl

The flower garden bowl is made from a single piece of base glass.  This is then decorated using smaller fragments of glass such as frit, stringers and beads to create the effect of a summer garden. This bowl is fused at a low temperature, so that the decoration keeps its texture and then it is shaped into a deep bowl mould.


Stencil Bowls

These large bowls are approximately 30 cm diameter.  They are made by painting colour on to the base glass using a stencil and then fusing another layer of glass on top.  They are then put back into the kiln to fuse again into a bowl mould.  They can be any colour using different paints. 


Blue enamel large stencil bowl


Turquoise and Blue Bowl

The stunning colours in this deep, eye-catching bowl really fizz in the sunlight.  As it is a deep bowl the light brings out the colours and throws beautiful reflections. 


Copper oxide bubble bowl

Instead of enamel paint, the stencil is painted using copper oxide.  This gives a lovely, delicate blue green colour and a pattern that is filled with small bubbles.